Pewter Bell Pull Ends / 7″



Pewter bell pull ends in a ‘rustic’ heart design for displaying your finished work.

The opening to insert your embroidery, tapestry or cross stitch is 7″ / 18cms wide. Both parts included as pictured.

These bell pull ends are exactly the same as the 6.25″, except they are 10 hearts across instead of 9.

These fit our Wild Roses and Pansies tapestry bell pull design but can also be used with our ‘Old English’ and ‘Wild Roses’ crewel embroidery bellpull kits, however they are slightly wider so to avoid any movement you may wish to finish your bell to approx 7″.

The 6.25″ bell pull ends are an exact fit for our 2 crewel bell pull kits, however these 7″ ends would work just as well if you are happy to either finish your work to a slightly wider width or have a small gap either side.

Please note, Pewter is a soft metal, it’s natural imperfections add to the rustic look and design. This is a decorative item for displaying finished stitching or work.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 21 × 10 × 2.5 cm